Why URL of deleted spider web log is non available for novel blogs inwards Blogger

Blogger is undoubtedly the well-nigh used Blogger platform as well as over 80% of Blogger user uses .blogspot.com domain provided past times Blogger for costless as well as people dear to get got their desired blogspot address for their blogs.
But you lot aren’t e’er lucky to overstep your desired domain, if the weblog URL is already taken past times other as well as hence you lot volition meet message proverb ‘Sorry, this page is non available’, if you lot meet this message than the possible argue could live on that the address is beingness used past times an other blogger user.
But when you lot banking concern agree the URL you lot meet that the weblog has been removed ! The commencement inquiry that pops upwards inwards one’s heed is why the weblog URL isn’t available fifty-fifty if the weblog amongst that URL has been removed ? What it precisely says is

Sorry, the weblog at blogname.blogspot.com has been removed. This address is non available for novel blogs.

And this is the page where you lot volition meet this message

What’s argue ?

Have you lot tried deleting whatever of your weblog on Blogger ? If you lot are familiar amongst the deletion procedure of blogger as well as hence it’s slowly for you lot to empathise why sometimes weblog address isn’t available fifty-fifty if the is deleted or removed.
When you lot delete a weblog on blogger the Blog volition live on withal available for you lot to undelete it nether xc days afterward the deletion. For others your weblog has been removed but you lot know that you lot tin withal undelete the weblog amongst it’s URL as well as that is the argue why weblog address aren’t available sometimes.

What to produce at ane time ?

There are couplet of things you lot tin produce to overstep your favorite domain advert for your blog. Using whatever of the tips below tin handle you lot overstep your preferred blogspot address.
Wait for xc days : This is the easiest one, nosotros know that blogspot tin live on undeleted earlier xc days of it’s deletion. Yup, you lot guessed right, you lot tin await for xc days or non fifty-fifty 90, peradventure it’s the 89th twenty-four threescore minutes menses when you lot  tried for that domain as well as the side past times side twenty-four threescore minutes menses it volition live on available. You tin endeavour for that domain every twenty-four threescore minutes menses as well as if it’s over xc days of deletion of the weblog as well as hence it’s URL volition live on available for novel blogs, you lot tin as well as hence select the URL for your ain blog.
Contact the weblog possessor : If you lot are impatience as well as wishing the domain without waiting as well as checking for the availability of the domain for xc days as well as hence what you lot tin produce is contact the possessor of deleted blog. Now you lot peradventure thinking how it’s possible to notice out whose weblog it is ? Google is merely a click away, search Google for the weblog address as well as if the weblog possessor ever participated whatever forums or commented on other blogs you lot tin easily notice their Blogger profile or e-mail id through which you lot tin contact him/her. Tell them to undelete the weblog as well as transfer the controls of their weblog to your account. If they are variety as well as hence you lot volition overstep your desired blogspot address.
Buy a custom Domain : I recommend you lot using Custom domain for your blog, you lot tin select what TLD you lot wishing i.e if the domain you lot wishing isn’t for .com as well as hence you lot get got the selection to select other TLDs similar myblog.net, myblog.org etc.
I promise you lot overstep helped amongst these tips as well as suggestion. 

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