Where to Find Blogger App for iOS

If you lot induce got been looking for the Blogger app on your iOS device as well as then you lot are out of luck. Blogger took downwardly its official iOS app as well as stopped supporting it as well as its been a pretty while.

There are many Blogger users who needs to update as well as postal service to their weblog on a regular basis, from their smartphone as well as it is real inconvenient without an app to exercise that. And peculiarly at 1 time that smartphone users are the majority, Blogger lags behind inwards providing an official app, which is non a nifty affair for such a pop Blogging platform.

Straightforward answer to the query is that, Blogger does non induce got whatever official app for smartphones. That’s the pathetic as well as bitter truth, the skilful tidings is that in that place are tons of other apps on the app shop available every bit good every bit other workaround to access Blogger on phones.

Use Blogger amongst Chrome

If you lot role Chrome you lot tin move access the amount desktop version dashboard of your blogger trouble organisation human relationship straight on your phone. The UI is the same every bit it is on desktop browsers therefore in that place is naught novel to larn to acquire started. 
Download Google Chrome browser on your iOS device, acquire to this page to download Google Chrome on your device. Set it up, sign-in amongst your Google trouble organisation human relationship as well as you lot are skilful to go. 
Simply access https://www.blogger.com inwards Chrome as well as you lot volition run across all your blogs inwards the dashboard, from in that place on you lot tin move add together novel post, edit them as well as alter weblog settings if you lot wish. It is basically the same every bit role on a desktop, exclusively on a relatively smaller screen. You withdraw to acquire used to pinch-zoom inwards as well as out, it takes a piece precisely it is worth it.

Other 3rd political party app 

We exercise non guarantee the surgical physical care for as well as usability of these apps. Check the reviews earlier you lot crusade them.

BlogGo for Blogger 

BlogTouch Pro (for Blogspot Blogger) 

Right at 1 time in that place aren’t a lot of high character apps for Blogger inwards the app store, precisely these are the best based on user reviews.

If you lot induce got whatever questions regarding Blogger or these apps, exercise allow us know inwards the comments below. 

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