The Sky This Week – Th Jan 29 to Th Feb 5


The Full Luna is Wed Feb 4. Venus is prominent inwards the twilight eve sky. Mars is only visible inwards the early on eve twilight too is coming closer to Venus. Jupiter is visible inwards the belatedly eve heaven too is visited yesteryear the Luna on Feb 4. Saturn is inwards the caput of the Scorpion.

The Full Luna is Wed Feb 4.

Evening heaven on Sabbatum Jan 31 looking westward equally seen from Adelaide at 21:00 (9:00 pm) ACDST inwards South Australia.  Mars is depression inwards the twilight, amongst Venus below it. Similar views volition move seen elsewhere at the equivalent local fourth dimension (click to embiggen).

Venus is slow to encounter depression higher upwards the western horizon inwards the twilight. At civil twilight, one-half an hr later sunset, it is roughly i too a one-half hand-spans higher upwards the horizon. Venus is also a hand-span below Mars.

Mars  is nevertheless seen depression inwards the western eve sky, setting roughly 10:00 pm daylight saving fourth dimension (just equally twilight ends). Mars is becoming harder too harder to encounter equally it lowers deeper into the twilight.

As the calendar week goes on Mars too Venus approach each other, the twosome volition move closest on the  22nd.

Evening heaven on Wed Feb four looking north-east equally seen from Adelaide at 22:00 ACDST showing Jupiter.  The Full Luna is closed to Jupiter at this time. The inset shows Jupiter’s Moons at 22:00  on the 2nd. Jupiter is the brightest object higher upwards the north-eastern horizon. (click to embiggen).

 Jupiter  is instantly easily seen  inwards the belatedly eve sky. It is the brightest object higher upwards the north-eastern horizon when twilight ends. It is non far from the brilliant star Regulus inwards the sickle of Leo (this forms the caput of the constellation of the  Lion). On Feb quaternary the Luna provides a require yo Jupiter, forming a triangle amongst Jupiter too the brilliant star Regulus (Jupiter is patently brighter than Regulus inwards this triangle)

Jupiter is high plenty for telescopic observation only earlier midnight, although its visibility volition ameliorate inwards the coming weeks. Jupiter’s Moons volition move putting on a proficient display inwards both binoculars too small-scale telescopes. On the 2d Ganymede too its shadow transits the confront of Jupiter for roughly the halt of twilight for almost an hour.

Morning heaven on Lord’s Day Feb 1 looking eastward equally seen from Adelaide at 5:00 am ACDST .   Saturn is inwards the caput of the Scorpion, non far from Antares at this time. (click to embiggen).

Saturn climbs nevertheless higher inwards the morning time sky. It is instantly easily visible earlier twilight close the caput of the constellation of the Scorpion non far from the brilliant carmine star Antares. The sight of the distinctive constellation of the Scorpion curled higher upwards the horizon, amongst brilliant Saturn inwards its head, is real overnice indeed.

Mercury  returns to the morning time heaven this week, but is depression inwards the twilight too volition move likewise difficult to see. However, inwards the coming weeks Mercury volition move putting on a decent display.

There are lots of interesting things inwards the heaven to persuasion amongst a telescope. Especially amongst the comet inwards the early on eve sky.  If you lot don’t accept a telescope, instantly is a proficient fourth dimension to see i of your local astronomical societies open nights or the local planetariums.

Printable PDF maps of the Eastern heaven at 10 pm AEST, Western heaven at 10 pm AEDST. For farther details too to a greater extent than data on what’s upwards inwards the sky, see Southern Skywatch.

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