Switching to Custom domain effects existing backlinks ?

There are hundreds of questions inwards one’s heed when he is going to alter his blogspot or wordpress domain to their ain custom domain.One of the most mutual enquiry is virtually backlink, backlink is of import for SEO as well as Pagerank, thus this may ever survive a employment organization simply is it actually affects your backlinks ?

When switching to a novel custom domain as well as thus it’s obvious that yous volition run across downfall of your traffic as well as believe me it’s normal, yous volition 1 time to a greater extent than run across your traffic dorsum to normal when your page got crawled past times search engine bots. But what virtually backlinks, volition your sometime backlinks volition survive nonetheless credited as well as help your SEO as well as pagerank ?

The response to this enquiry is NO, switching to custom domain doesn’t comport upon your backlinks inwards whatsoever way every bit long every bit yous are redirecting your spider web log to the custom domain from server side. The argue is that search engine bots non entirely sees the URL simply come inwards the link as well as indexed the link redirected when visits that link.

It’s clear that if yous are pointing your spider web log to your custom domain as well as thus the backlinks of your .blogspot domain volition fifty-fifty run for your custom domain, crusade the bot is likewise redirected to the custom domain when it’s crawling the url.

It agency yous never involve to worry virtually the backlinks, it’s obvious that yous volition run across backlinks count fluctuated inwards Alexa because their organization is different, Alexa is non a search engine bot thus that doesn’t fifty-fifty thing for you. I advise yous to role your .blogspot domain whenever linking from sites, that volition brand certain that if yous 1 time to a greater extent than switch the domain to dissimilar domain advert as well as thus the backlinks would work.

It volition likewise non final result your pagerank, your pagerank volition likewise survive the same when Google crawls  your spider web log it volition run across your novel custom domain afterwards the redirection as well as that’s when your pagerank volition survive likewise transferred on your novel domain

It was that simple, this was a modest post service to permit blogger as well as other users on subdomain provided past times the service,  so it’s prophylactic for your search ranks as well as PR to instruct a custom on your spider web log every bit long every bit the redirection is made on server side.


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