Summer Pr Tour

Recently, Andy Scherz, Product Manager for Epson America approached us with a request. Andy asked:
“Do you any customers who might like a little PR?  We are focusing on the boutique product labeling market.  Cheese, juice, lotion…  The idea is that we would like to get some quantity of actual product with labels.  We will show these labels and highlight how they were printed by Epson solutions.  If you have any willing customers, please let us know.”

It seems Epson America was planning for the annual Epson Summer Press Tour. 

Since day one, Hummingbird Nectar has invested resources and energy into producing innovative hummingbird nectar and offering quality hummingbird products.  Over the past years their nectar has evolved; and will continue to change as this company introduce best-in-class products for your hummingbirds.
As Douglas says, ““The team a Color Label Solutions and Epson keeps us humming along”.
In addition to Hummingbird Nectar, Epson showed a product from Burn Hotsauce,

Next, we got one of our long-time customers, Tongue River Winery,, involved.

 Product Manager for Epson America approached us with a request Summer PR Tour
Tongue River Winery
 Their slogan, “Quality Made Wines with fruit exclusively from the Northern Plains!” sums up not only their wines, but also the quality of the owner of Tongue River Winery:  Bob Thaden and family.  You’ll find the letter Bob included with the box of wine to Epson of interest: 

 Product Manager for Epson America approached us with a request Summer PR Tour
Letter from Tongue River Winery

As Bob didn’t have to include this letter, it shows what a wonderful and kind man he is.
Also, Epson had products from Rejunvenation Therapeutics,,   in their display.

 Product Manager for Epson America approached us with a request Summer PR Tour
Rejuvenation Therapeutics Label
Rejuvenation Therapeutics is a health-centered, science-driven company that strives to extend lifespan and improve overall wellbeing. Within a burgeoning field of dietary supplements and nutritional ingredients, Rejuvenation Therapeutics stands out with their dedication to scientific evidence and regulatory compliance to ensure that their products are safe, effective, and beneficial.
Rejuvenation Therapeutics is using a C7500G to produce their gloss poly labels.  I think they look great!
Lastly, Epson showed products from Miracle Botanicals, of our customers from Hawaii.

Miracle Botanicals Labels

Essential oil is the passion of Miracle Botanicals! Ever since Hope Johnson was introduced to essential oil after the birth of her third child, these precious plant spirits have become part of their family’s daily life and over time every aspect of their lives has been transformed.
Rev. Hope Johnson is an Essential Oil Alchemist and Reiki Master.  I love that she signs all of her emails to us, “With Fragrant Blessings”.
We’re fortunate to have such great customers like the one featured above.  Please visit their website and try some of their products.  Or if you have requirements for other food and beverage companies, contact us and we’ll connect you to some of our other customers.
I’d like to thank Epson and the Walt Company for the pictures from the event; and for including us and a few or our customers.  Contact us if you want to produce beautiful and functional labels yourself.

Guy Mikel