Success! 2004 BL86’s flyby seen (26 Jan 2015)

My sketch of the flyby of Near populace Asteroid 2004 from 11:40 ACDST to 11:58 ACDST. 114mm Newtonian amongst 25 mm Plossel eyepiece Predicted nautical chart of the flyby inwards SkyMap

After a busy Commonwealth of Australia twenty-four threescore minutes menstruation of waking upwards late, walking downwards the beach to the Commonwealth of Australia Day concert to purchase ice- creams, a Barbie amongst friends too watching the fireworks, I gear upwards the telescope to army camp out on 11 Puppis to sentinel the flyby of Near populace Asteroid 2004 BL86.

And failed utterly. I had misunderstood the orientation of the images inwards to scope, too past times the fourth dimension I had confirmed which purpose of the icon was north, the asteroid was long gone.

Once I has sorted my orientation out (with much hopping dorsum too forth to the estimator hide inside) I chose the undistinguished star HIP 39095 every bit my target, every bit the asteroid passed unopen to it. I star hopped down, gear upwards well-nigh 10  minutes beforehand, sketched the champaign (and confirmed that I did accept the RIGHT champaign too which trend the asteroid would survive going every bit seen though the scope), too then waited.

I did a chip of dorsum too forthing to instruct the areas I wanted conduct inwards the field, amongst item stars picked out every bit the asteroid passed unopen to them.

And too then I saw it. Drifting slow into the field. I actually needed averted vision to encounter it properly, on the terra firma of the other stars inwards the champaign I would seat it at roughly magnitude 10.4, rather than the predicted 10.1 (I could encounter magazine 10.2 stars okay). It was also running well-nigh v minutes ahead of schedule, only it’s rails was pretty unopen to predicted.

I watched it drift unopen to, too then past, several dim stars inwards the field, too and then out of the champaign inwards roughly fifteen minutes. My sketching is pretty rubbish, only is surprisingly unopen to the actual chart. The spacing of the asteroid positions are non fantastically accurate, only the timed locations side past times side to actual stars is.

I promise I tin instruct upwards at 4:00 am to encounter the unopen exceed to M48 Tuesday morning, also hoping the Mayhill iTelescopes aren’t clouded out. The SSO ones are, thence unless the skies clear before long I don’t mean value I volition instruct whatsoever unopen approach images aeroplane SSO.