Set Mobile Browser Theme Color for Blogger Blogs

More people at nowadays loves reading on the go, survive it a tidings article or a locomote blog, almost everyone’s source selection for reading blogs too browsing social media sites are smartphones. Same goes for your readers, many may dearest reading on their smartphones, too setting a topic color would brand your Blogger weblog stand upward out inwards the crowd.

The major browsers fifty-fifty on smartphones are really advanced too it provides a lot of options for websites to personalize how their website looks on a readers phone, they tin flaming command the icon they come across inwards the browser every bit good every bit the color of the browser’s address-bar inwards mobile Chrome, Opera too Firefox OS.

If y’all purpose Chrome y’all powerfulness direct keep noticed that  upon visiting some websites the transcend bar of Chrome changes color too generally according to topic of the website. It is non something that Chrome does magically, the website developers tin flaming laid a specific color for Chrome to survive themed alongside too that is really simple.

Bloggers on the platform has transitioned to a mobile-first approach, too it is a wise affair to create every bit the readers are to a greater extent than comfortable on mobile phones than on a laptop or a PC.

Setting Theme Color on your Blogger Blog

By default if y’all view your weblog on a mobile browser, hither Chrome, y’all volition come across the default lite grayness color on the transcend bar, too that looks boring.

Doing this is really simple, it requires y’all to add together a trouble of code inwards your template too that’s it. The steps are mentioned below.

Note: It is recommended that y’all e’er accept backup of your template earlier making whatsoever code customization. Click hither to come across how to accept a backup of your Blogger template.

Before nosotros proceed, re-create this trouble of code –

<meta name=”theme-color” content=”#4285f4“/>

  1. Now, larn to your Blogger Dashboard too select your blog. 
  2. Click on the “Template” choice inwards the left panel
  3. Once the department is loaded, y’all volition come across a push clitoris alongside “Edit HTML” label, click on it to opened upward the template editor.
  4. Inside the template editor hitCTRL+F  / + F too search for <head>, it should survive on the transcend already therefore y’all volition uncovering it easily

  5. Now glue the code nosotros copied earlier forthwith on the adjacent trouble of <head>

Once the code is at identify it should hold off similar to the screenshot above. Now click on “Save template” on the concealment too and then charge your weblog inwards Chrome browser on your smartphone. You volition at nowadays come across that the transcend bar of Chrome has turned into some other color other than the default lite grayness color.

Set your desired color

You may of class wishing to laid a color of your choice, the 1 that would survive laid inwards the default code provided inwards the tutorial y’all volition larn a nighttime bluish color.

To alter the color that is laid y’all direct keep to brand edit inwards the code that y’all use, this is the code –

<meta name=”theme-color” content=”#4285f4“/>

The yellowish highlighted text #4285f4 (without the quotes) is the hex value of the color, inwards HTML colors every bit good has hex values. If y’all aren’t sure enough what is the hex value of the color y’all want, larn to to select the color too larn your desired color’s hex value. Then supervene upon the yellowish highlighted business office alongside your own.

For example, if nosotros wishing a sure enough shade of green, which has the hex value #215C03, nosotros modify our code to this

<meta name=”theme-color” content=”#215C03“/>

That is simple. All y’all direct keep to create is supervene upon the hex value inwards the code alongside your desired color too identify it inwards the template past times next the steps inwards the previous section.

It’s all. Impress your readers past times doing what most Blogger weblog owners don’t intend about.

Comment on the post service if y’all similar this, portion it alongside your friends too identify unit of measurement for them to brand their weblog hold off pretty every bit well. For whatsoever questions or suggestions experience costless to comment.