Nova Sagittarius 2016 (9 Nov 2016)

Nova Sgr 2016. Stack of xi x fifteen instant 400 ASA exposures, taken alongside the Canon IXUS on nine Nov 2016 at 21:24 ACDST. Stacked inwards Deep Sky Stacker.Click to Embiggen.Chart of the heaven inwards the “teapot” of Sagittarius for comparing stars. the large circle is the champaign of persuasion of 10x fifty binoculars. Click to embiggen. 

Got a much amend await at the bright nova inwards Sagittarius, PNV J18205200-2822100, which has gone inwards a higher house the unaided nub brightness threshold of magnitude 6.0. This fourth dimension I got to run across it at astronomical twilight, when it was even in addition to then relatively high inwards a higher house the horizon, in addition to at that spot was less cloud near this time.

even in addition to then pretty clear, alongside amend comparing stars I guess it to live magnitude 5.9 (maybe a smidgen brighter). It volition live interesting to boot the bucket along monitoring over the side past times side calendar week to run across if it fades or brightens roughly more.