Mercury, Venus together with Mars (12 Dec 2016)

Mercury, Venus as well as Mars all inward a trouble inward the eve twilight of 12 Dec at 21:15 ACDST. Stack 0f 10x 2 2d images Canon IXUS 400 ASA. Click to embiggen to run into the planets to a greater extent than clearly.Same equally earlier simply straightaway labelled. The stars Nunki inward Sagittarius as well as Deneb Algedi inward Capriconius are labelled too. The inset shows a closeup of the share to a greater extent than or less Mercury.

Mercury, Venus as well as Mars convey been forming a overnice line-up during the by ii weeks. Unfortunately cloud or lack of a photographic tv set camera convey kept me from capturing it until tonight. Despite cloud Mercury was clearly visible.

Like Venus as well as Mars earlier it, Mercury is travelling through the “teapot” of Sagittarius. At the minute it is closed to Nunki inward the handgrip of the “teapot”.Mars is closed to delta Capricornii, Deneb Algedi. The line-up looks really nice, hopefully I tin conk a shot sans clouds when Nunki as well as Mercury are at their closest.