Listverse similar Template for Blogger – ‘The Thriller Template’ premium

This template is the Blogger version of the topic used on the site,  the original topic is for WordPress together with it’s for $70, i idea of making template for Blogger that looks similar it together with instruct inwards affordable.
This blogger topic is premium, because it took a lot of difficult locomote to create the template together with it’s worth it. On WordPress, templates of this measure are sold for over $70 together with they are worth it.

Many readers are impressed alongside the topic on listverse together with every bit many of them were on Blogger platform they weren’t able to respect a template which looks just similar the topic on LV (Listverse).

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Note: If this is non the template that attracted you lot thence you lot tin contact me on my electronic mail [email protected] for to a greater extent than premium templates inwards less than $32

Features of this Template

It has almost all the features together with blueprint on Listverse, from header to footer, you lot volition respect everything similar to it but due to roughly reasons roughly features couldn’t last added. But that’s non a huge matter, you lot volition soundless honey the template. Read roughly selective features of it below

Custom Header

Let’s start from the top, the skillful looking dark header box alongside 728×90 promotion banner together with Social network links inwards split upwards boxes inwards the header. And the most of import chemical cistron is the search box, it gives the users more accessibility to your website.

Note : You accept the edit the links HTML of the social network links inwards the header to signal it to your profiles.

Blog championship together with PageList

The smart placement of spider web log championship together with pagelist brings the page to life.It has the same looks alongside meliorate technique used for backgrounds, instead of using pictures, nosotros used CSS3 background prototype belongings together with that improves the page charge time.

One to a greater extent than thing that’s amazing most the spider web log championship together with pagelist is that it’s sum size together with expands to the sides of screen, you lot won’t meet this blueprint on every blogger template.

Post display

It’s almost similar the interface inwards Listverse together with i focused on it mainly, every bit it was the master copy chemical cistron which users see. The championship is inwards the center, on it’s left is the engagement when it was published together with on it’s right is the comment link to the post alongside comment count. Here’s a quick preview of it.

Great ! Isn’t it ? The post separator gives the post trunk a professional person look.
You accept the read to a greater extent than push clit side past times side to the post excerpt together with the writer hollo below it, the writer hollo is fetched automatically, thence you lot don’t accept to brand changes to anything.

Subscribe Gadget

The subscribe gadget is a addition signal of the template, the sidebar is on the sidebar together with it’s what on the listverse site. Although, you lot accept to edit it’s HTML to signal it to your profiles simply every bit inwards the header. You tin practise it past times editing your template or editing the gadget past times going to Layout.

As the template is premium, i volition practise it for you lot when you lot house an order. You simply accept to furnish the links to your profiles together with i volition edit the HTML which volition locomote for you.

Categories Gadget

It is the default label gadget but has been styled alongside CSS. Each label are of dissimilar colors together with inwards social club similar on the listverse website. You accept to configure the label gadget to last listing for this CSS to work.

Social portion buttons below together with inwards a higher house the post

I accept seat three social portion buttons which are Facebook like, Tweet together with AddThis share. The portion buttons accept been placed into boxes that makes it hold off cleaner together with the reader volition ofttimes purpose the portion buttons which is skillful for your traffic together with readership.

Numbering listing design

This is the exclusive characteristic of this template, if you lot are a fan of listverse together with ever wanted the numbering listing similar on listverse thence this is what you lot need. The blueprint is already on the template, immediately all you lot involve is to know how to seat it on your posts. This tutorial volition attention you 

Note : Don’t include the CSS provided inwards the tutorial, those CSS are already applied on the Template, all you lot involve is the HTML.

Custom Footer

One to a greater extent than swell chemical cistron inwards the template is this footer, which has all the links to your of import pages on your spider web log together with attribution. You accept to edit the HTML inwards the template to house right values inwards the anchor links. But this is a premium template, thence i volition practise it for you, you lot simply accept to laissez passer on the links.

Buy this Template

If you lot are impressed alongside the template together with desire to purchase it thence simply contact us via electronic mail [email protected] or [email protected]. The template is the $30, but every bit promotional offering nosotros are taking it downward to $28 for the offset 10 buyers.

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