How to Backup Your Blogger Theme / Template

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 step-by-step ask on backing upwards a Theme / Template for the newest Blogger UI updates.

We stimulate got around other ask on backing upwards the template inwards Blogger only since the roll-out of the newer UI in addition to the changes inwards the pattern nosotros are updating the steps alongside a novel tutorial for relevant visual demos.

You tin nevertheless banking concern gibe the former tutorial on backing upwards the template hither though it is non relevant anymore : 

Why back-up a template / topic ?

In the Blogger environs nosotros ofttimes desire to add together a novel widget or a functionality inwards our spider web log in addition to tutorials inquire us to brand changes to our templates, it is of import nosotros stimulate got a backed-up template thus if anything goes incorrect nosotros tin ever fallback to the previous version.

There are to a greater extent than argue why –

  1. Making changes to Blogger templates to add together functionality or alter design
  2. When trying out novel themes / template
  3. Using the template / topic 1 time to a greater extent than on around other blogger blog
Read below for steps on backing upwards a template / theme, banknote that nosotros are going to usage the damage “template” in addition to “theme” interchangeably. 

Backing Up the Template / Theme on BlogSpot

Let’s offset alongside backing upwards the template.

  1. Log-into your Blogger concern human relationship to become to your Dashboard. 
  2. From the blog’s drop-down listing pick out the blog

  3. On the left pane pick out the “Theme” option

  4. In the Theme department page, click on the “Backup / Restore” push clit on the laissez passer on off correct corner of the page

  5. A dialog box may appear, to download the template backup click on the orangish “Download” push clit equally shown below –

  6. A file alongside a refer similar to theme-2887119284088758674.xml will live on downloaded. This file is the backup template / topic file, it tin live on used to recover your template / topic on Blogger. 
That’s it, salve the topic .xml file at a rubber house where yous tin access it inwards the futurity inwards representative yous stimulate got a broken template. Make it a do to accept a backup of the template earlier making whatever changes to it. 

Restoring the Template / Theme Using the XML file

In the previous department yous larn how to download a backup of your template. Restoring the template is elementary equally well, 
  1. in the end department follow till Step #4
  2. Now inwards the dialog box that opens, which looks similar this click “Choose file” (maybe labelled differently on unlike browsers) –

  3. Browse to the template’s XML file in addition to and thus click on “Upload” 
  4. Once the upload finishes your template volition live on restored. 
That’s it. Do allow us know if yous stimulate got whatever questions or suggestions regarding this tutorial.