Geminid Meteor shower, xiv Dec 2016


The northern horizon at 4:00 am ACDST every bit seen from Southern Commonwealth of Australia (northern Commonwealth of Australia is like but Gemini in addition to the radiant is higher inwards the sky) on Midweek Dec 14. The Geminid radiant is marked alongside a starburst. Similar views volition hold out seen elsewhere inwards Commonwealth of Australia at the equivalent local time. (click to embiggen).

The Geminids are a fairly reliable shooting star shower but this yr moonlight volition significantly interfere. Normally at that topographic point is too practiced action either side of the peak, but this yr moonlight interference agency that rates inwards Commonwealth of Australia volition hold out negligible exterior the peak.

The radiant doesn’t ascent until simply earlier midnight (daylight saving time) inwards most of Australia, thus yous volition all the same convey to disturb your slumber for this one. Australians should run across a shooting star every iv to vi minutes nether black skies inwards the early on morn of the 14th, betwixt 1:00 am in addition to 4:00 am local time. 
As well, the to a greater extent than calorie-free pollution (the closer yous are to the city) , the fewer meteors yous see.

At 1.00 am inwards the morn AEDST (midnight, AEST) Castor (alpha Geminorum) is nigh 2 hand-spans higher upwardly the horizon in addition to 10 hand-spans to the correct of due north. Pollux, the other twin, is less than a hand-span to the correct again. The radiant is simply below Pollux. However, the radiant is depression at this fourth dimension in addition to yous volition run across really few meteors until around 3:30-4 am (daylight savings time). 

Unfortunately, the Full Luna is really nigh the radiant, in addition to yous volition convey to block it out alongside a edifice or tree to give-up the ghost along some nighttime vision, but fifty-fifty thus yous volition run across alone a few of the brighter meteors every bit the Moonlight drowns the balance out.

When looking, hold out certain to permit your eyes adjust for at least five minutes thus your eyes tin hold out properly adapted to the dark. Don’t await straight at the radiant site, because the meteors volition oftentimes get-go their “burn” some distance from it, but around a hand-span upwardly or to the side. Be patient, although yous should run across an average of a shooting star every 2 minutes, a whole stretch of fourth dimension tin become yesteryear without a meteor, thus a whole bunch plow upwardly 1 afterward the other.

Make yourself comfortable, pick out an observing site that has piffling to obstruct the northern horizon (although yous volition ask something to block out the Luna to save your nighttime vision), convey a comfortable chair to sit down inwards (a banana lounger is best), or blankets in addition to pillows. H5N1 hot Thermos of something to drinkable in addition to enough of musquito protection volition consummate your observing preparations.

You tin honor predictions for your local site at the meteor flux estimator (choose 4 Geminids in addition to appointment 13-14 December, don’t forget to modify the appointment to 2016). You tin follow the world broad Geminid counts at the IMO alive Geminid site.

While at that topographic point are few meteors this year, Orion in addition to the Hyades volition hold out visible in addition to brilliant Jupiter volition hold out higher upwardly the eastern horizon. So it volition hold out a quite squeamish morn for sky watching. Keep an middle out for satellites
(see Heavens Above for predictions from your site)!

Cloud encompass predictions tin hold out institute at SkippySky.