Full Blog Posts on Notable Theme’s Homepage inwards Blogger Blogs

In the novel themes the page intermission inwards ship editor is precisely for the refer equally the themes auto-truncates the posts as well as shows snippets as well as a preview thumbnails entirely on the homepage. Page intermission / Jump intermission is adept entirely for feeds now.

There is no setting to brand the topic demo total posts on the home, index as well as archive pages as well as that is why nosotros experience the require of writing this tutorial.

Previously on nosotros published a tutorial to demo how it was done on Contempo theme, this tutorial volition lead yous through the steps to compass the same amongst Notable theme, thus if yous are a Notable Theme user inwards Blogger as well as then follow the steps given below to instruct your weblog posts to demo upwardly equally full.

Important: As amongst all of our tutorials where nosotros are supposed to impact the topic code it is highly recommended that you own got a backup of your electrical flow Blogger theme.

Video walk-through. 

We’ve prepared a video tutorial of the same thus yous tin scout it as well as follow the steps amongst to a greater extent than ease. 

Link to the video tutorial.

Editing the XML / HTML Code inwards Theme

  1. Open a novel tab inwards the browser as well as Log-into your Blogger Dashboard
  2. Go to the Theme   section
  3. Click on “Edit HTML”
  4. When the Theme code editor opens, focus into the code editor as well as hitting CTRL + F / CMD + F to opened upwardly the in-page search
  5. Look for the next describe of piece of job of code|
    <b:include cond='data:this.postDisplay.showSnippet ?: true' data='post' name='postBodySnippet'/>

  6. Upon searching yous volition instruct the number similar this,

  7.  Copy the next HTML / XML markup
    <b:if cond='data:widget.type != &quot;PopularPosts&quot;'>   <div class='post-body-container'>   <b:include data='post' name='postBody'/>   <div class='post-sidebar invisible'>     <b:with value='data:widget.instanceId + &quot;-normalpostsidebar-&quot; + data:post.id' var='sharingId'>       <b:include cond='data:post.shareUrl' data='{ shareButtonClass: &quot;post-share-buttons-top&quot;, overridden: truthful }' name='maybeAddShareButtons'/>     </b:with>     <b:if cond='data:post.labels as well as !data:post.labels.empty as well as data:this.allBylineItems.labels'>       <div class='post-labels-sidebar'>         <h3><data:messages.labels/></h3>         <b:include data='post' name='postLabels'/>       </div>     </b:if>   </div> </div>   <b:else/>  <b:include cond='data:this.postDisplay.showSnippet ?: true' data='post' name='postBodySnippet'/> </b:if>  
  8. Go dorsum to the topic editor where nosotros previously constitute the describe of piece of job of code from footstep 5. Replace that describe of piece of job of code amongst the code yous precisely copied. This is what it the XML code should await similar when yous own got replaced it.

  9. Now click on “Save theme” to salvage the changes as well as become to your weblog to encounter the change. The posts should straightaway look total on all the pages. 
You may own got noticed that the “Read More” push is nevertheless at that spot fifty-fifty though the ship shows upwardly full, it’s because the Jump link is added past times to a greater extent than or less other code that nosotros didn’t impact yet as well as it isn’t fifty-fifty necessary, nosotros volition move using CSS to but enshroud the links.

CSS to enshroud the Jump Link

This CSS snippet should enshroud the “Read more” links from the posts on home, archive as well as index pages.

.widget.Blog .jump-link {     display: none; }

Here’s a complete lead amongst screenshots on adding CSS inwards Blogger blogs

  1. Log-into your Blogger Dashboard
  2. Go to the Theme   section
  3. Click on “Customize” 
  4. In the Theme Designer become to Advanced > Add CSS
  5. Paste the CSS snippet into the text expanse on the topic designer page as well as click on “Apply to Blog” on the transcend right

Refresh your weblog to encounter the changes alive on your blog.

Showing total weblog posts on other novel themes

The same tin move done on other themes as well as hither are the links for the tutorial to create it on other novel Blogger theme(s)

Sumber http://www.stramaxon.com