Australian Perseid Meteor Shower – Morning August 13, 2017

Perseid radiant every bit seen from Darwin at 5:00 am local time, August the 13th, looking north. Click to embiggen. Perseid radiant every bit seen from Brisbane at 5:00 am local time, August the 13th, looking north. Note how much lower the radiant is than inwards Darwin.

You may accept seen Facebook posts (or twitter notifications ) proverb that on August 12/13 in that location volition live on a falling star shower that volition live on the brightest e’er seen yesteryear mankind amongst Thousands of shooting stars. Well nope. This is the Perseid falling star shower, together with though a reliable together with skillful northern hemisphere shower, together with hundreds of meteors may live on seen nether the best condition, this yr the merely brilliant waning Luna is inwards the heaven higher upwards the falling star radiant, thus rates volition live on lower than usual.

The Perseid Meteor Shower runs from July 17–August 24, together with peaks inwards the early on morning time betwixt Sat August 12 – Lord’s Day August thirteen AEST. The midpoint is twenty H UT on the twelfth (6 am AEST).  See the International Meteor Calendar for 2017 for farther details.

Despite this beingness a quite reasonable falling star shower inwards the northern hemisphere, for virtually of Commonwealth of Australia the radiant is below the horizon, together with exclusively the real occasional falling star volition live on seen shooting upwards from the northern horizon. Only observers inwards northern Commonwealth of Australia (at the latitude of Brisbane or farther north) volition accept decent rates.

This is a miserable year, patch the peak occurs later on sunrise inwards Australia, it even thus occurs reasonably unopen to radiant maximum acme together with patch this years peak is higher than common (with a ZHR of 150 meteors per hr predicted) the brilliant waning Luna volition substantially trim the position out of meteors yous tin shipping away see.

However, these ZHR predictions are ideal rates for sites amongst the falling star radiant straight overhead, nether the darkest possible skies amongst zip obscuring the sky. From Australia, nosotros volition run across much lower rates than these ideal ones. Anyone southward of Brisbane volition run across exclusively the occasional meteor, state maybe 1 or ii per hr (or less), the farther northward of Brisbane yous are, the to a greater extent than meteors yous volition see.

You tin shipping away cheque predictions for your local expanse at the NASA falling star flux estimator (choose vii Perseids together with 12-13 or 13-14 August 2017). Unfortunately, both Chrome together with Firefox accept changed their safety settings to forestall plugins from running, together with the flux computing machine exclusively runs nether Internet Explorer now.

People roughly the latitude of Darwin accept the best gamble of seeing meteors, perchance every bit many every bit 1 every five minutes at the peak (see tabular array below). Next is places amongst the latitude of Cairns (around a falling star every vi minutes), thus amongst the latitude of Mackay (like Port Headland together with Mt Isa), together with the places amongst the latitude of Alice Springs (again,see tabular array below).

To run across the meteors, yous volition postulate to live on upwards from roughly 3:00 am local fourth dimension on the 12th, 13th or 14th (yes, a actually horrible hr of the morning), amongst best views 4:00 am-5:30 am on the 13th. The falling star shower volition live on located due North, amongst the radiant merely higher upwards the northern horizon (see charts above). Cloud embrace predictions tin shipping away live on flora at SkippySky.

When yous larn up, permit at least five minutes for your eyes to adjust, together with live on patient, it may live on several minutes earlier yous are rewarded amongst yous get-go meteor, thus a brace volition come upwards along inwards quick succession. Choose a viewing spot where yous tin shipping away run across a large swathe of heaven without trees or buildings getting inwards the way, or amongst street lights getting inwards your eyes. The darker the spot the amend (but create live on sensible, don’t pick out a spot inwards an unsalubrious green for example).

H5N1 lawn chair or something similar volition brand your observing comfortable (or a picnic carpet spread on the Earth together with a squeamish pillow), together with having a Thermos of hot coffee, tea or chocolate to swig patch watching volition growth your comfort. (Here’s some hints on dark adaptation of your eyes thus yous tin shipping away run across meteors better).

The next tabular array present the predicted peak rates at roughly five am local fourth dimension on the mornings of the 12th, thirteen together with 14th of August for a position out of cities nether nighttime heaven conditions. Rates volition live on similar at the same latitude every bit these cities, together with rates volition live on intermediate at spots betwixt these cities.

Town Morning August 12 Morning August 13 Morning August 14
Alice Springs 3 meteors/hr 6 meteors/hr 4 meteors/hr
Brisbane 2 meteors/hr 3 meteors/hr 2 meteors/hr
Cairns 5 meteors/hr 10 meteors/hr 7 meteors/hr
Darwin 8 meteors/hr 13 meteors/hr 9 meteors/hr
Mackay 4 meteors/hr 7 meteors/hr 5 meteors/hr

Rates on the morning time of the 15th are similar to that of the 14th. Note, those of yous who accept Stellarium, inwards version thirteen they accept added falling star shower radiants (rates railroad train inwards the planets dialogue, F4). However patch the radiants are shown, the fake meteors come upwards from random points inwards the sky, non the radiants.