Aurora happening NOW! 22 Jan 2015 1:00 am


The solar current of air flowing from a coronal hole has produced an unexpected aurora. Aurora are existence seen amongst the unaided nub inwards Tasmania NOW!  Naked nub beams are existence reported inwards Howden, Tinderbox, Evandale in addition to Hobart. The auroral intensity may fade inwards in addition to out, in addition to thence locomote prepared for lulls inwards the activity. Solar current of air Velocity: 401 km/sec Bz: -5.0 nT

Dark heaven sites bring the best gamble of seeing anything, in addition to ever allow  around five minutes for your eyes to instruct night adapted.
As ever expression to the southward for shifting red/green glows, beams bring been reported too.

The all heaven aurora photographic idiot box camera inwards Southern Tasmania at Cressy may locomote of aid inwards monitoring for aurora

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