Astrophiz Podcast 39 (shameless self advertisement edition) is Out


Astrophiz Podcast 39 is out now.

In this episode I inward my guise equally Dr Ian ” Musgrave laissez passer on an  (I hope) insightful approach to amateur astronomy, introduces basic equipment as well as cameras as well as remote telescopes, tells I say y’all what to hold off for inward the eve as well as forenoon skies as well as inward my Tangent, gives  to a greater extent than special on occultations as well as how to a greater extent than or less asteroids tin instruct comets.

I am somebody really familiar to Astrophiz listeners. For the concluding 12 months I have  presented the ‘What’s Up Doc’ segment where he tells us what to hold off for inward the nighttime sky, astrophotography tips as well as inward ‘Ian’s Tangent’ I laissez passer on a deeper agreement of astronomical phenomena. Today I volition hit all that, merely commencement ypu’re going to notice out to a greater extent than almost this one-time producer of the fantastic ‘’.

In the News: SKA update, the Voyager Missions, Non-Optical Telescopes as well as what to hold off forwards to inward our side past times side duet of episodes.

Due to holidays as well as household unit of measurement materials I missed out on updating y’all almost Astrophiz 37 as well as 38, they are proficient too.