AGAIN! Aurora happening NOW! 22 Jan ten pm


It’s on AGAIN! (but this fourth dimension earlier midnight). Aurora are beingness seen
amongst the unaided pump inwards Tasmania NOW!  Naked pump beams are beingness
reported in  Margate, Ralphs Bay, Howden together with Stanford. Unaided pump glows are beingness
reported inwards Port Fairy together with Barnsdale Victoria!. The auroral intensity may fade inwards
together with out, together with then move prepared for lulls inwards the activity. Solar current of air
Velocity: Velocity: 477 km/sec Bz: -4.0 nT Hobart K-Index iii (this K index
was the value  associated amongst this mornings display).

Dark heaven sites bring the best risk of seeing anything, together with e’er
allow  around v minutes for your eyes to expire black adapted.
As e’er hold off to the due south for shifting red/green glows, beams bring
been reported too.

The all heaven aurora photographic tv set camera inwards Southern Tasmania at Cressy may move of
assist inwards monitoring for aurora, exactly seems to move offline at the moment

Further monitoring at